Devoxx 2022

Back on the big stage!

I’m back on the big stage! I haven’t attend any big conferences as presenter for some time, but this year will change it. I’m starting big, with a talk: Docker base images - Ideas how to manage them on scale on Devoxx conference in Kraków, that will take place on 22-24th June 2022. Want to meet? Meet there 😄 Update I uploaded slides from presentation to my Github account.

2022-06-13 · 1 min
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Creating fully encrypted ZFS pool

What I want to do? I use my pool to securely store backups, archive my old documents and keep huge family’s photo library. I have new disks. They were tortured with badblocks, so they’re ready to create ZFS pool. I’ve read few documents about different approaches 1 2 3. I wanted to be sure if anything changed during past years. One of articles recommends mirroring over RAIDZ. Resilvering is faster, at the same time putting IO less stress on whole pool....

2021-11-22 · 5 min

Shucking WD Elements 14TB

I used to have RAID (or at least some variation of it) for my main storage. For redundancy, in case of disk failure. I started with some crazy LVM mirrors done on two disks of different size. Sync job was starting on every boot 😄 Then came time for RAID5 on mdadm + LVM for volume management. It was working nice until the moment when disks became bigger. Long array rebuilds or checks, required my PC to stay turned on overnight just to validate if stuff works still....

2021-11-12 · 6 min
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Automatically add ticket ID to every commit message in Git

I don’t know how it is in your company, but in mine it’s considered a good practice to add ticket numbers to commit messages. It allows to easily determine why something was changed, etc. Makes sense, but this also means, that I should be adding this ticket to every message… And this doesn’t make sense for me. I will accidentally avoid it from time to time or make a lot of typos....

2021-11-09 · 2 min


I’ve build new PC - it’s based on Asus ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI motherboard. Generally, I’m quite satisfied, but it have one irritating downside - after each UEFI BIOS upgrade, it’s silently resetting some of settings. Let me note, what I want to have there: Ai Tweaker (use my RAM capabilities) AI Overcloack Tuner -> [XMP I] DRAM Frequency -> [DDR4-3600MHz] DRAM CAS# Latency -> [16] DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay -> [19] DRAM RAS# ACT Time -> [39] DRAM Voltage -> [1....

2021-10-30 · 2 min

How to remove geo-localization/EXIF data from photos

I wanted to share publicly some photos, but I performed them with navigation enabled so they contained accurate localisation of my house. I wanted to remove EXIF data GPS tags, my phone type and other irrelevant stuff. TL;DR You will need imagemagick installed (use apt/yum/dnf of whatever you have there): Install imagemagick sudo apt install -y imagemagick To remove them just use: Strip EXIF data mogrify -strip image.jpg How to check if it’s working?...

2021-03-05 · 1 min
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Moving from Linux to MacOS – first steps

Few years ago I moved from Linux desktop to MacOS for my business, day to day work. There were 2 main reasons for that: Corporations don’t like Linux - they can’t manage it, they can’t support it, so they blocked it with “Security policy”, ISO20001, or other nonsense. Actually they’re partially right but in different place - many business collaboration applications don’t work well on LInux (or they don’t work at all) Skype for Business - there’s open source alternative but to get full support you have to pay for additional codecs (as far as I remember) - it’s not working stable even in paid version Outlook and calendar support - I love Thunderbird and I use it for years, but calendar invitations didn’t work nice (honestly, they didn’t work nice even between different Outlook versions…) Corporate VPN apps - Christ, I always was able to get it working eventually, but… why bother I’m older, maybe lazier, maybe smarter - I don’t like to spend my time resolving problems that don’t give me any value....

2020-01-04 · 7 min

Debuging commands running on memcached

I had stragne statistics on one memcached servers. I had to look what it’s doing there. I found such commands that may be used to sniff, extract and make statistics from running memcached server. Debug GET commands tcpflow -c dst port 11211 | cut -b46- | grep ^get cut command will remove 46 bytes at beginning of every string (src, dst, port). You may need to adjust numeric parameter for cut to leave commands only....

2016-07-13 · 1 min

Tweaking ASUS Zenbook UX305CA on Linux

Lately I was searching for mobile notebook that I could use for remote work. I checked f ThinkPad series but they were huge bricks that have nothing in common with ‘mobile’ word. Then I saw ASUS Zenbook that I didn’t take into account before and it was exactly what I was searching for. Configuration of Skylake based notebook right now is not straightforward - there are still glitches and small bugs that are waiting to be fixed....

2016-04-21 · 11 min

Use with Pipelight/Silverlight on Linux/Ubuntu

From few days I have access to UPC’s platform - until now it was useless on Linux. But there is Pipelight that will use Wine to emulate Silverlight on Linux and it’s working pretty well - you’re just few commands away from achieving that: # stop browser killall firefox # remove old version if you have it sudo apt-get remove pipelight Now configure repos and install packages: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pipelight/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install --install-recommends pipelight-multi sudo pipelight-plugin --update Enable plugin (run it with sudo for system wide installation):...

2016-02-09 · 1 min