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How to remove geo-localization/EXIF data from photos

I wanted to share publicly some photos, but I performed them with navigation enabled so they contained accurate localization of my house. I wanted to remove EXIF data GPS tags, my phone type and other irrelevant stuff.


You will need imagemagick installed (use apt/yum/dnf of whatever you have there):

sudo apt install -y imagemagick

To remove them just use:

mogrify -strip image.jpg

How to check if it’s working?

First, let’s get some example images 1.


To check what tags image provides, you can use identify tool (I limited output to only GPS data because it’s just too much stuff there):

identify -verbose image.jpg | wc -l

identify -verbose image.jpg | grep GPS
    exif:GPSAltitudeRef: 0
    exif:GPSDateStamp: 2008:10:23
    exif:GPSInfo: 926
    exif:GPSLatitude: 43/1, 28/1, 281400000/100000000
    exif:GPSLatitudeRef: N
    exif:GPSLongitude: 11/1, 53/1, 645599999/100000000
    exif:GPSLongitudeRef: E
    exif:GPSMapDatum: WGS-84   
    exif:GPSSatellites: 06
    exif:GPSTimeStamp: 14/1, 27/1, 724/100

There was 156 lines of different tags!

After cleanup:

identify -verbose image.jpg | wc -l

identify -verbose image.jpg | grep GPS

you will get only generic information data, without any GPS tags.

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